Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue launch the Cat Care Centre

A new resource for cat lovers is to open in Lochgelly in July this year as Sunny Harbour Cat Rescues Cat Care Centre is launched.  Serving the Fife, Edinburgh Perth & Kinross areas the new Cat Care Centre will provide a one stop shop for all advice and accessories you could require for your cat.

The Cat Care Centre is the result of months of planning and research into the many reasons cats come into rescue and provides a means by which the public can approach for free, helpful advice to help elimate problems before they become so severe the only option is to put their cat into rescue.

Rescue spaces are few and far between these days due to so many cats and owners needing help.  Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue operate at over 100% capacity all year round and by delivering the Cat Care Centre we hope to reach people and provide support earlier with cat related behaviour or stress related problems in the hope of keeping families and their cats together and easing the strain on local rescues.

Providing helpful advice on basic care, grooming, feeding, neutering and vaccinating your cat as well as help with problem behaviours, the Cat Care Centre hopes to enrich the life of cats and their owners .

Microchipping services are also available at a low cost of just £12 for cats, dogs and rabbits with various offers on through out the year.

The wide range of accessories include everything from nutritious foods, top rated toys as used by renowned animal behaviour consultants, cat litter and grooming tools.

The Cat Care Centre will also showcase the craft work of Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue and our crafty volunteers and provide a range of good quality new and used  giftware to help raise vital funds to keep the centre and the rescue itself running.

A one stop shop for cat lovers and owners everywhere we are here to help you get the most from your furry 4 legged feline friend and chat about all things feline…..

Help us spread the word about this wonderful resource and unique service now available in the local area. We need your help to make this a success and we know that by working together we can achieve our goals.


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